Portfolio 22/09/2020 – Tomasz Jura

I am an active, open-minded person looking for challenges and opportunities, constantly gaining new knowledge and experience.  I am living in Katowice (Poland), but I want to move to the USA. My motto is „Sky is the limit”. I am in first line when someone ask: „who want try something new”

Living in: Katowice (Poland)
Birth: 1992
Programming since: 2010
Native Language: Polish
Additional Language: English
Specialis: PHP 7, MYSQL, Docker, Yii2 – Framework, Linux servers, Bootstrap 2,3,4, GIT, Scrum
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/tomasz-jura-3814bb105

2012 - NOW

The fourth version of the web application developed since 2012. The application is a tool for event organizers. It helps in managing the application process. It is my own worth-mention profitable project.

PHP 7.4, OOP, Mysql 5, JS, JQuery, Docker, Yii 2 Framework, Composer, GIT, Bootstrap 3, PHP Storm

2013 - 2014, 2020

2013 – 2014 – Working as php developer on full time.

In 2020 – Developing few new features as senior Yii framework specialist in short amount of time. Docker implementation. I also conducted scrum training.

PHP 7.1OOP, Mysql 5, JS, JQuery, Docker, Vagrant, Yii 1 Framework, Composer, GIT, Bootstrap 3, PHP Storm, Agile, Scrum

2012 - NOW

Team leader, software development, client support, linux server maintenance. This app was rebuilt by me in 2017. The application is meant for ski and surf school managment. Also working with clients from Poland and Lithuania.

PHP 7.4OOP, Mysql 5, JS, JQuery, Docker, Yii 1 Framework, Bootstrap 3, Composer, GIT, PHP Storm, Agile, Scrum

2018 - NOW

Constantly working with The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP) in main project for people indexing as Technical Consultant.

International team with official English language

2017 - 2018

Full-time job as senior. I was creating an API for the main product. Working with enterprise clients from Poland. It is worth mentioning that all code I write had 100% unit test coverage.

PHP 7.1, OOP, PHP 5.3, Mysql 5, JS, JQuery, Docker, Symfony 3 and 2 Framework, Bootstrap 3, PHP Storm, Agile, Scrum, PHP Unit, Jenkins, Redis, Elastic Search, Big data

2015 - 2016

Full-time job as php developer. Support and developing new features.

PHP 7.0, PHP 5.3,PHP 4, OOP, Mysql 5, Postgres, MSSQL, JS, JQuery, Symfony 2 Framework, Netbeans, Agile, Scrum

2010 - NOW

In the meantime, I have created several applications and websites for specific customer needs – not worth describing in detail.


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