Portfolio 07/2022 – Tomasz Jura

I am a programmer born in Poland. I became interested in programming for the first time in 2006. In 2012 I graduated from high school (with technical school) and obtained the title of IT SPECIALIST. A month later I started my first full-time job where I wrote automatic tests in Java and PHP. I was always full of inspiration, I gained all the necessary knowledge on my own through various courses, stackoverflow and other forums. I immediately used the acquired knowledge in practice creating my own application, the zgloszenia24.pl application. I have been developing the application to this day treating it as a place for personal development. I am a cheerful person, I like to work and integrate with the team. I can brainstorm and lead in achieving a common goal. After 10 years of experience and work in the programming industry, I continue to treat programming as my passion. When I working on products, it is very important to create high-quality software. I always put quality first  but in some situations I can find a balance between quality and business. Recently I also created my first open-software plugin for Yii2 that you find on my GitHub

Living in: Vancouver BC (Canada) from 2022
Birth: 1992
Programming since: 2006 (commercially from 2012)
Native Language: Polish
Secondary Language: English
High level of experience: PHP 5,7,8 (PSR-12), SQL, Docker, Yii2, Linux servers, Bootstrap 3,4, GIT, Scrum
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/tjura/
GitHub: github.com/tjura


Development and maintenance of an company internal product. Application purpose it was to manage and report supervise working time.

Technologies: PHP 7.1->7.4, Mysql 5, JS+JQuery, Docker, Yii 2 Framework, Composer, GIT, Bootstrap 3

Responsibilities: Finding new tech and solutions to current problems, creating new features from scratch including simple frontend implementation on bootstrap 3. Maintenance and fixing current bugs. Planing development cycle using scrum witch team. Estimating the implementation time during daily / weekly meetings. Using git flow to preparing releases. Working on JIRA to plan and track work progress


Backend solutions for communication between different ecommerce applications.

Technologies: PHP 7.1->8.x, OOP, Mysql, JS,Docker, Laravel, Composer, GIT, PHP Storm, OpenAPI, GraphAPI

Responsibilities: Creating and upgrading micro services, implementing new technologies like docker. Upgrading existing code from PHP 7.x to PHP 8.0. Using git flow to preparing releases. The projects was managed on JIRA and carried out in the kanban methodology.

2013 - 2014, 2020

2013 – 2014 – Working as php developer on full time.

In 2020 – Developing few new features as senior Yii framework specialist in short amount of time. Docker implementation. I also conducted scrum training.

Technologies: PHP 5.6 -> 7.1, SQL Databases, JS+JQuery, Docker, Vagrant, Yii 1 Framework, Composer, GIT, Bootstrap 3, Agile, Scrum, JIRA

Responsibilities: Creating solutions to current problems including creating new features, bug fixing and frontend solutions on bootstrap 3. Planing development cycle using scrum witch team. Estimating the implementation time during daily / weekly meetings. Using git flow to preparing releases. Working on JIRA to plan and track work progress. Also in 2020 after I finish course I introduce myself as Scrum Master position.

2018 - NOW

The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP) I am volunteer Technical Consultant.

Technologies: JIRA, Linux Servers, SQL Databases, broadly understood security, JAVA

Responsibilities: As a consultant, my main responsibility was technological consulting in a project aimed at implementing software for indexing members of the organization. We worked in scrum, I attended weekly meetings summarizing the current progress

2017 - 2018

Full-time job as senior PHP Developer. I was creating an API for the main product. Working with enterprise clients from Poland. It is worth mentioning that all code I write had 100% unit test coverage.

Technologies: PHP 7.1, OOP, PHP 5.3, SQL Databases, JS, JQuery, Docker, Symfony 3 and 2 Framework, Bootstrap 3, PHP Storm, Agile, Scrum, PHP Unit, Jenkins, Redis, Elastic Search, Big data

Responsibilities: Develop OpenAPI. The main recipient of the application was Samsung Poland, but api was created with the intention of servicing every customer who wanted to use this option. My daily duties consisted of careful work planning and adding new functionalities to the API, doing code review with the rest of the team member, writing automated tests for the code we created, contact with Clients tech departments. In addition, I was a team leader in a 3-person team consisting of juniors. The team’s task was to create a robot that tests data quality on customers’ production sites. 

2015 - 2016

Full-time job as PHP developer. Support and developing new features.

Technologies: PHP 4 -> 7.0, SQL Databases (Mysql, Postgres, Microsoft), JS+JQuery, Symfony 2, Netbeans, Agile, Scrum, GIT, SVN

Responsibilities: Performing tasks commissioned by the team leader, the tasks consisted in creating new functionalities for the needs of customers, correcting current errors. I was also responsible for Upgrading PHP from php 5 to 7. Close cooperation with the marketing, analytical and implementation team

2012 - NOW

The fourth version of the web application developed since 2012. The application is a tool for event organizers. It helps in managing the application process. Including online payments, sms, mail integrations. Recently I upgraded code to PHP 8.1

Technologies: PHP 7.4 -> 8.1 + OOP + MVC, SQL Database, JS+JQuery, Docker, Yii 2 Framework, Composer, GIT, Bootstrap 3, HTML, OpenAPI, Continuous integration, Nginx

Responsibilities: Creating application from scratch, designing the database structure, front looks, picking up right technologies. Managing releases and doing production updates. Reaching to potential clients, offering solutions negotiating prices. Customer service and first line of help. Hire team and project leading. Organization of internships for 5 peoples. Setup and configure all linux production and backup servers. Managing LTD daily task. Representing the company in front of offices. Creating tests, integrating with other services like mailgun, stripe, tpay, smsapi, slack, discord, tawk. Automatizing deployment process

2012 - NOW

Team leader, software development, client support, linux server maintenance. This app was rebuilt by me in 2017. The application is meant for ski and surf school managment. Also working with clients from Poland and Lithuania.

Technologies: PHP 5.6 -> 7.4, SQL Databases,JS+JQuery, Docker, Yii 1 Framework, Bootstrap 3, Composer, GITAgile, Scrum

Responsibilities: Since 2012, I have been working on software development as a subcontractor. In 2014, I became the main contractor for this software. My main duties after the takeover were the reporting of current customer needs, cost estimation, direct contact with the customer, maintenance of production servers, development of new functions. Making decisions about all technological solutions. Overall, I was responsible for the entire project from the technical side. 

2010 - NOW

I have created several applications and websites for specific customer needs. Most of websites I created is was in WordPress engine


Technologies: PHP 5 -> 8, SQL Databases, HTML, CSS, JS+JQuery, WordPress, Yii, Yii2, Bootstrap 3 -> 4, GIT, Linux Servers, Bash

Responsibilities: Finding a clients, collecting customer needs, proposing a solution, choosing a theme, creating content, implementing multiple languages, translating content, creating a simple e-commerce. Building a website and sharing on production. Customer support, content editing training

Public websites I’v created:
https://katowice.zhp.pl  (best one)

2010 - 2012

My first commercial Job. I started as an apprentice one year before graduation. The company dealt with a platform for sharing knowledge in corporate internal networks. After graduating from school, I worked for the company as a junior programmer for te


Technologies: PHP 5, SQL, Selenium Java Automatic Tests

Responsibilities: As an apprentice, I moderated the content found on the Internet and learned how to program. After getting a full-time job after graduating from school, my duties also included writing automatic tests

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